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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

United Nations Secretary General warns us that the Human Race is on a SUICIDE WATCH

 United Nations has tried to warn all member nations for decades now that they had to change course.

They have ignored him.  NOW - look at the situation we're in.  Maybe it's time for the people to take their fate into their own hands.  We need to start thinking about new forms of government, new ways of supporting ourselves and our families, new ways of thinking about how much of the Earth's resources we could be allowed to consume.  We need to PUT ourselves on a strict Consumer DIET.

Today a new Company 'Eat Just' just their product of ARTIFICIALLY LAB CREATED MEAT to be approved in SINGAPORE.  Now, they tell us that they are ramping up to fill the demand in this country and others that will follow.

IF we eat meat that is created in the lab, but is exactly the same as farm raised foods - WE COULD be on the path to save ourselves.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Extinction Live - Available NOW - Audible Book Coming Soon - Watch the mass extinction of all life on Earth LIVE as it happens - Does that bother you?

If you have been watching the news and weather in your neck of the woods, you know something is VERY VERY WRONG!

The truth is that we are polluting the planet at such a destructive rate - mainly due to the requirement of too much energy to complete our daily tasks - that we will heat up the planet by the end of this century to such a degree that all life could SUFFOCATE on the EARTH.  Don't laugh the same thing happened on VENUS, although due to natural causes and is now a balmy 900 deg. F.  Nothing can live on our nearest neighbor toward the sun.

On our nearest neighbor away from the sun - MARS - the planet is so cold most of the time that it is almost impossible for life to exist there as well.

HOWEVER - if we perform some of the Science presented in my new book - Extinction Live - it's entirely possible for humans to live comfortably on MARS IN THIS CENTURY - BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE

It could be that we solve the atmosphere problem on Mars so well that Martians return to the home planet to SAVE THE EARTH AS WELL.

So, this is the basic plot of the book.  If you enjoy a Classic Science Fiction Thriller - this is the book for you and if you REALLY LIKE IT - please give it a review on Amazon AND copy the BOOK COVER around the Web to let others know about it.  IF we don't get behind saving the PLANET - we are DOOMED to destroy it - like it or not - this is where we're at today, thanks to the negligence of hundreds of years of human history.

Go SpaceX - Please hover your mouse over the image of the Book Cover Above, click on - SAVE IMAGE AS - to your own device and then upload it to all of your social media pages - IF you want to PROMOTE the salvation and redemption of our species.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Saturday, August 8, 2020

The only way to save our planet and humanity is to edit out the genes that express our instinct for self-destruction.

 Remaking Humans will shock and astound you..

Culling the herd.



With new DNA EDITING technology such as CRISPR, we can make the next generations of humans unlike anything that came before.  We can save the planet by selecting out for genes that make us so greedy and egotistical.

We can save ourselves by selecting out genes that threaten to kill us all.

Science is now fully informed of nearly all the important genes that express our potential diseases in life.

With a little added effort and the knowledge from inside this book - we can learn where the genes are in our code of life that expresses for our current rush towards mass suicide and eventual extinction of all life on the planet.

Humans are the most destructive organisms now existing in the known universe.  We who know how to change this feature of our code are now tasked to find it and eliminate it.

With your readership and comprehension - this can be done soon enough to save our species. 

- But we all have to start down this path today or else it will soon be too late.

Learn how we can and MUST START to CULL THE HERD - NOW

The only ethical question is do we wait until we are all EXTINCT?

When the uncontrolled population explosion of animals, insects or pests takes hold, we are all threatened.  Would any of us object to culling the herds of locusts?

WE ARE THE LOCUSTS now destroying the world


Thursday, July 2, 2020

Jobs coming back, but are they the RIGHT JOBS for this moment in history? With the End of Civilization Near - maybe we should ALL be trying something different?

Einstein famously once said:  "The definition of INSANITY is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results."

Are we ALL GOING INSANE according to Einstein's definition?  We're all doing the same things over and over - going to work at the same old factory or office and doing the same jobs over and over and expecting to somehow SAVE the PLANET for future generations - yet the results of all of our collective efforts every day may be the SAME - the EVENTUAL SUFFOCATION of all life on planet Earth.

Why not try something new?  Why not make your job more in tune and in harmony with sustainable forms of energy to keep the Human Race alive as well as all other life forms on the Earth.

There are things you can do to help be part of the SOLUTION vs. part of the PROBLEM


Get the information that you need to have to convince the rest of the world that we have to get going NOW.  We must all be on the same page - these pages, in order to get the huge ship of state influenced back on the right course.

The so-called "Unsinkable" Titanic sank and killed over half of the passengers on board that day because no one was looking ahead a few hundred feet to see the iceberg that would eventually sink the ship.  They saw it too late to reverse the engines or even change the ship's course away from the iceberg. 

The ship sank quickly and though it didn't make the entire world's population with it -- it set the example for human stupidity and vanity, which has gotten much worse today.

Our political leaders are not looking ahead at the iceberg that is clearly out there just waiting for us to hit the TIPPING POINT - the point at which no matter how hard we try to reverse engines or change the course of the ship - we are still going to sink.  We will all go down with the ship this time and not just half of everyone on board.


Saturday, June 13, 2020


The Scientific American article below from way back in 2016 points out that we
have already been flirting with 1.5C
    (In 2016 CO2 peaked at 403ppm, today it's 418ppm, almost 4% higher.)
and the concentration of atmospheric CO2 keeps rising even though global emission
levels have dropped 17% with economic slowdown and lockdown with covid19.
This is an indication that more CO2 is being released due to the Earth becoming
more of an emission source than a sink
which will be happening even more as the permafrost melts, the oceans release
their dissolved CO2 as they heat more and the rainforest ecosystems collapse with global heating.

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