Saturday, June 13, 2020


The Scientific American article below from way back in 2016 points out that we
have already been flirting with 1.5C
    (In 2016 CO2 peaked at 403ppm, today it's 418ppm, almost 4% higher.)
and the concentration of atmospheric CO2 keeps rising even though global emission
levels have dropped 17% with economic slowdown and lockdown with covid19.
This is an indication that more CO2 is being released due to the Earth becoming
more of an emission source than a sink
which will be happening even more as the permafrost melts, the oceans release
their dissolved CO2 as they heat more and the rainforest ecosystems collapse with global heating.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Change is Coming - We need an PLANETARY Artificial Intelligence to run things - humans have failed us

There's a HUGE CHANGE A'COMIN - We need to consider all possibilities that are available to us from the evolution of our technological innovations.  It's technology that gets us into this mess, so it may have to be the highest levels of technological achievement that gets us out of it.


I have already outlined a Global Constitution in an earlier work of mine - ‘The Global Constitution - One World Government To Save The Earth’.  Therefore, I will not go into all the workings of the Global Constitution, except to say that my version contains all of the safeguards to make all of the proposals in this book extremely reasonable and easily achievable with a system of uniform laws that can enforce any of the suppositions contained in this book - trust me.

2.  Control of the AIM network of computers will be placed under the authority of a Board of the world’s most respected Scientists.  This board  of no less than 25 members shall be appointed to office by the National Academy of Science.  They can come from all disciplines and their term in office shall be no longer than 5 years and can only be changed by a Global Ballot Measure as directed by the One World Government under the Global Constitution.

 3.  The Scientific Overseeing Board whose sole duty is the ongoing control and maintenance of ‘AIM’ shall make all decisions in regard to its operation and will also supervise and police a work-group who will constantly operate and program the AIM in pursuit of its mission.   The Board’s decision on hiring and firing or punishment for malfeasance will be final, without the possibility of appeal.

 4.  A section of programmers known only to the Oversight Board will have the sole duty of checking the work of all other programmers in the group and they will report directly to the Oversight Board and no one else.

 And, Hackers Beware!  Anyone found to be intentionally hacking into the AI Network and found guilty will face the Death Penalty.  The punishment will be imposed swiftly, without any possibility of appeal nor any possibility of escape.  I don’t normally support the Death Penalty.  Too many innocent people have been murdered by the state in this manner.  Too many things can go wrong during a trial, such as evidence is withheld, mistaken identity.  All of these things have happened too many times.

However, in the case of the potential extinction of the Human Race, if it were to happen because of a deranged mind of a hacker, AND the case were proven beyond any possibility of any doubt at all, then this is one place where the Death Penalty would be justified, of course.  But, we can’t allow this system to be hackable in the first place.  There’s just too much at stake and this is why I have proposed so many layers of safeguards on the system.

There are many people who will criticize me for this idea and probably even laugh at me until they realize that they need to compare a system of logic to rule over us versus the system of complete incompetence and tyranny that rules over us all right now.  If it’s not bleedingly obvious to you that we are  at a cross-roads where events demand that we try some other form of management for the planet we live on, then I have nothing else to say.  Shut this book, throw it in the trash.  Surrender to the Evil all around us and go home and wait for the wave of destruction to overwhelm your home and your family.  

But, before you go down the road of total capitulation to Evil all around us, keep your mind open for a few more minutes and let’s examine the variety of Artificial Intelligence that I see that can be relied upon for our total safety and security for many decades or even centuries to come.

First, you need to know that a computerized mind cannot disobey it’s orders.  It also has no motivation to disobey its set of orders.  The artificial mind has no personality.  It has no human frailties such as greed or lust, envy or hunger for power, as too many humans have embedded in their DNA.  Therefore, it’s important to know that the Artificial Intelligence that we program for the job of managing our planet and our civilization has the primary order of not doing any harm to any human being or group of human beings.  It also is programmed that any inaction that would threaten a human or group of humans is also not tolerated.  This is the first and highest order of its program that it cannot deny in any way.

So, ask yourselves, when you continue this section of my book if you can even imagine any political leader of the past 100 years who would exhibit this same level of discipline and control of their baser instincts.  Compare and contrast what you are about to read with what is going on now on this Earth.  This should give you the best perspective to more easily digest what we are about to discuss.    

 In a ground-breaking work of Science Fiction, ‘I Robot’ Isaac Asimov proposed the Three Laws of Robotics.

They are:  

1.  A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

2.  A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3.  A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

In a few minutes, I will introduce the Fourth Law of Robotics that I think is the only missing piece as to how we can all be assured of our continued survival on planet Earth.

We begin our Artificially Intelligent Government system here with the first three laws of Robotics.  The programming, if followed to the letter will not allow any logical machine to bring us harm as you can see.  The first order of magnitude is that the artificial mind must obey all of its orders from human beings.  These orders can be laid down in their order of priority and in that way, all orders that we give the system would be created for our own health, safety, prosperity and freedom from fear.  These would have to be obeyed.  

But because we will use multiple sets of robots in our new form of Government, the AI Government, we must start our system of Government by replacing the word ‘Robot’ with the phrase, ‘The Autonomous Government’.  

The three laws of the Autonomous Government.

1.  The Autonomous Government may not injure a human being nor any other living thing, or through inaction, allow a human being, or other living things to come to harm.

2.  The Autonomous Government must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3. The Autonomous Government must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

These three laws are given the most weight over all others that we place beneath this overall, most modern, High-Tech Constitution, the basic law of the land, or what we will be calling - The Algorithm, an algorithm being well-known in the discipline of Computer Science to be merely a set of rules that any given computer or Artificial Intelligence must obey.

Remember, these laws are the key to addressing all of our fears generated by the movies.  When programmed into the Algorithm and reinforcing each other, they can control any subjugated form of Intelligence far and above any ordinary concerns.  The fact that our Government must always take its orders from humans, doesn’t mean that it takes orders from any random human beings.  The human beings in control, by my definition of this system are a special breed of humans.  More on that later.


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Elephants NEED YOUR HELP - Please Join World Wildlife Fund Today

Baby Elephants being ORPHANED by thoughtless and cruel murderers with guns - the world's greatest cowards.

Please GIVE a monthly subscription to the World Wildlife Fund.  People are slaughtering the Elephants in Africa just because they bought a big and powerful gun and that means that they have the right to kill something.  WE MUST BAND TOGETHER TO HELP STOP THIS NOW!

PLEASE FIGHT THIS most horrific part of Human Nature and Help Nature RECOVER from the impact of HUMANS and NO ONE DOES THIS BETTER than the World Wildlife Fund.

God Bless You!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Green New Deal Is Possible Now that We have seen the FIRST GLOBAL PANDEMIC

Bill Gates has said that a Global Pandemic will occur every 20 YEARS!

I think this is just Bill trying to break it to us easy.  I'll be willing to bet that Global Pandemics like the Coronavirus pandemic will occur every year with a few years OFF here and there, until it's every year.

Why do I think this way?  Because I believe it's not just coincidence that MORE THAN HALF OF OUR HUMAN DNA is occupied by VIRUS DNA and BACTERIA DNA.  This means that our own ANCESTRAL basic CODE of who we are and what we're here for - IS TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING.

It's also no coincidence that the CORONA VIRUS KILLS by SUFFOCATING US.  While we are learning that in a few years - IF WE DO NOTHING to convert the economy away from TOXIC FOSSIL FUEL OIL and GAS, we're ALL GOING TO SUFFOCATE.

Let this be a FAIR WARNING:  We must DO SOMETHING to FIX the UNDERLYING PROBLEM - FIRST and then we can worry about the waves of Global Pandemics that are threatening civilization because if we don't - these will just continue to hit us and we're all doomed anyway. 

WHAT DO WE DO?  We have to CONTINUE to MAKE the SWEEPING CHANGES to our global Economic System and start thinking about EVERY ACTION WE TAKE in life and do our best to SWITCH from the use of GASOLINE ENGINES to get where we want to go to something ELSE.

TESLA should be the NUMBER ONE car manufacturer with hundreds of competitors right now.  BATTERY Manufacturers and RESEARCHERS should be GIVEN the TOP PRIORITY in financial funding to invent our way out of this mess that the OIL INDUSTRY has put us in.

Your planet is calling out to you to DO SOMETHING . . .



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