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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Green New Deal Is Possible Now that We have seen the FIRST GLOBAL PANDEMIC

Bill Gates has said that a Global Pandemic will occur every 20 YEARS!

I think this is just Bill trying to break it to us easy.  I'll be willing to bet that Global Pandemics like the Coronavirus pandemic will occur every year with a few years OFF here and there, until it's every year.

Why do I think this way?  Because I believe it's not just coincidence that MORE THAN HALF OF OUR HUMAN DNA is occupied by VIRUS DNA and BACTERIA DNA.  This means that our own ANCESTRAL basic CODE of who we are and what we're here for - IS TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING.

It's also no coincidence that the CORONA VIRUS KILLS by SUFFOCATING US.  While we are learning that in a few years - IF WE DO NOTHING to convert the economy away from TOXIC FOSSIL FUEL OIL and GAS, we're ALL GOING TO SUFFOCATE.

Let this be a FAIR WARNING:  We must DO SOMETHING to FIX the UNDERLYING PROBLEM - FIRST and then we can worry about the waves of Global Pandemics that are threatening civilization because if we don't - these will just continue to hit us and we're all doomed anyway. 

WHAT DO WE DO?  We have to CONTINUE to MAKE the SWEEPING CHANGES to our global Economic System and start thinking about EVERY ACTION WE TAKE in life and do our best to SWITCH from the use of GASOLINE ENGINES to get where we want to go to something ELSE.

TESLA should be the NUMBER ONE car manufacturer with hundreds of competitors right now.  BATTERY Manufacturers and RESEARCHERS should be GIVEN the TOP PRIORITY in financial funding to invent our way out of this mess that the OIL INDUSTRY has put us in.

Your planet is calling out to you to DO SOMETHING . . .



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