Monday, February 28, 2022

Terraism The New Economic System for the Metaverse - Get Yours Today

 Terraists Take Over The World

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Humanity is undergoing a massive identity crisis right now.  Half of the world is dangling over the cliff of a thermo-nuclear war where everything could turn into dust and ashes in about 30 minutes.  The other half of the world is living in a fantasy world known as the Metaverse where everything is just peachy.  Young men and women slash away at fire breathing dragons and outer space monsters with laser swords and phaser canons.
But the really odd thing is that many people living in the metaverse are actually spending more money than they do in the brick and mortar world.
So, I wondered if this new kind of Artificial Reality could gradually evolve into a new economic model that might be far more beneficial to just about everybody and even have the ability to save our planet from the planet rapists and pillagers who still seem to be taking over.  It's a good question, because if we do nothing, the planet will die out, killing all life forms now depending on it, including you and me, for all time to come.
What you will find in this revolutionary new book is the foundation for  a completely new economic system that punishes those whose production of green house gases that are choking off all life on this planet, And rewards those who are fighting to save it.  And all efforts, big or small are rewarded handsomely as you will find out.  BUT, the largest rewards will belong to those who join earlier rather than later because these will be the most unselfish.  The real generation who will suffer the most is what I call Generation X, your children or your children's children, so if you JOIN NOW, and really work at it, you are doing so, not for yourselves, but for all future generations. 

One thing is for certain, the old Capitalist economic model should be abandoned immediately if not sooner because it has brought us to the brink of disaster and shows no signs of eliminating the greed, apathy and indifference to the raping, plundering and pillaging of our planet.  Our only hope is to try something new.
That's where Terraism as outlined in this book can help us all just in time.
BUT ONLY if you join and become a Terraist today.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Terraists Take Over The World - Join Today!

 INTRODUCING - The New ‘Terraists’

In order to HELP SAVE THE PLANET - we need YOU to become a CONTRIBUTOR and FOUNDER of the New Economic Model - ‘TERRAISM’ - outlined below.

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Instead of rewarding those who help DESTROY our beloved planet, the real ‘TERRORISTS’ it rewards those who help SAVE THE EARTH - the real ‘TERRAISTS’.

The more saving YOU DO - the MORE YOU EARN. Not SOCIALISTS either because you must DO THINGS to lower your or someone else’s Carbon Footprint in order to EARN.


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