Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Blockchain Government - Engineering The Future is the best way to get the Green New Deal and GET PAID

  The World's FIRST Smart Contract for the Blockchain Government forming NOW.

The Smart Contract That Will Change The World



If you were witness to the elections in the USA and elsewhere over the last several decades, worsening every year, you realize that Democracy is in deep trouble. The only way out? A blockchain system of Elections and later on the entire planet ruled in a completely decentralized, trusted and logical way of doing business, keeping the global economy running smoothly because the wisdom of the billions of people on this planet far exceeds, the dumbness and numbness of the 'Limited Brain Trust' of our current systems.
When Bitcoin recently hit a trillion dollars in valuation, the world currencies started to take notice. Never before has a currency become as competitive as this cryptocurrency has become. It has made billionaires out of children who bought in at less than a penny each and now Bitcoin is valued at over $50,000 each and some say it will reach one million dollars some day EACH. But, the more important and valuable takeaway from the Bitcoin experience is the fact that this like all other cryptocurrencies, of which there are thousands, are based on a Blockchain, a set of unbreakable processes based on a 'Smart Contract' or an Algorithm not unlike the one that delivers the Internet and our cell phone apps to us every day. So, then, one realizes that the activities of any government are really no more than a 'Dumb Contract' that has been evolved over centuries between the governed and the governors. BUT, with a blockchain government, we no longer require such dumb contracts that are always breaking down having been written on paper where the paper is tossed into the trash every day.

Today, we can store any kind of information in a safe and secure database, the same one used to keep Bitcoin going - but in this case, we use it in our elections and decide the major issues of the day within a few days with ALL DECISIONS FINAL and FORMATTED BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE.

OR , we can continue doing what we're doing - waiting in lines that can take up a whole day to vote for Tweedle-Dee or Tweedle-Dum, AND NOW they aren't even going to allow us to have a sip of water or a bit of a sandwich while we wait in these hot oppressive lines outside in the rain and snow.

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