Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Find out HOW MUCH MONEY you can save on a Solar Roof or Solar Balloon

 Google HAS YOUR ROOF Data and ENERGY CALCULATIONS all pre-calculated for you to see the results of Investing in Solar Power, knowing your Electric Costs and HOW MUCH SHADE your roof gets from Trees and other buildings.

CLICK HERE - enter your address anywhere in the world and GOOGLE will instantly tell you how much roof space you have available for Solar Panels, and HOW MUCH MONEY you will save by installing Solar Panels.

GET YOUR OWN DATA and then COME BACK HERE to make the most COST-EFFECTIVE INVESTMENT you can make in SOLAR and get the PAY-BACK you need in the shortest period of TIME.

We're innovating with NEW and INNOVATIVE WAYS to squeeze the MOST SOLAR POWER out of your little part of the world.

We have innovative solutions to recharge your electric car or truck.  We're customizing a Complete Solar Panel and Battery that is MATCHED to the most efficient and fastest recharging requirements of YOUR CAR or TRUCK.

AND WE are PIONEERING new Solar Helium Filled Balloons that create ENERGY FROM THE EMPTY SPACE ABOVE YOUR HEAD.

Major new advances in SOLAR FABRICS are allowing us to think about FLOATING our solar electric generation stations in the SKY.

Like many of us, you may have already maxed out the ROOFTOP space of your home with the maximum number of Solar Panels that you can fit on your roof.   You may even have trees that BLOCK a good deal of SUN every day, costing you MONEY.

WELL NOW, or soon anyway, you will be able to purchase for a SMALL FRACTION of the price of Roof Top Solar enough AIR-SPACE SOLAR BALLOONS to cover all of your electricity needs and EVEN SELL POWER BACK TO THE UTILITIES.

ON TOP OF THAT - we may even have other buyers of your excess energy.  We can imagine a day in the next few years when every city and town is covered by Solar Balloons.

WE STARTED thinking about FLAGPOLE SOLAR a few weeks ago . . . 

AND then realized this great new idea STILL left THOUSANDS OF CUBIC FEET OF SPACE ABOVE YOUR HOUSE that is currently UNTAPPED



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